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Neither times have we heard that a good book is a great way of getting rid of stress. Someone even used this method on myself and was convinced of its efficacy. If you are unsure of this statement, here's scientific evidence. Neuroscientist David Lewis and his colleagues conducted a study of how different types of activity contribute to stress. The group of volunteers was entered in a state of stress, and then offered this to remove the stress using either method. It turned out that the most effective stress relief is reading. Six minutes of reading was enough to relax the muscles and normalize the heart rate. The reading surpassed methods such as listening to music, drinking tea and walking. Now just imagine what happens when you read your favorite book in the Park with a Cup of tea. After these moments of relaxation you need fear no surprises of destiny. Life is filled with meaning, emotions, bright colors. The mood is great, positive thoughts. Here it is – the constant state of happiness.

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